the beginnings of research and sampling for a final year collection

Investigating digital and technological waste spurred an interest in using old computer cables as a material within knit. Contrasting the soft and the hard enabled the chance to play with a material paradox.


Wanting to play around with concepts previously gone unnoticed, a collection of yarns sourced from various charity shops, passed down materials and through work allowed for experimentation that was both freeing and locked into certain yarns.
Testing the limits of hand knitting, manipulating found computer cables.


Using fingers to create chunky yarn, to then knit again to create a simultaneously soft yet super sturdy fabric, was a fun experiment in how far a yarn can be unravelled and re-knitted.

A simple experiment in using a chunky gauge knitting machine to make a neckline that was then added to by a hand knit graft. This sample went on to inspire the process behind the grafting in Hand/Machine.