hand / machine

Traditionally, hand knitting was used as additional income in rural communities, and by using their hands, communities created objects imbued with history and memories. Even today, hand knitting is still embedded with negative cultural connotations, yet within industry knitting has continued to be an innovative and technologically advanced material.
I want to encapsulate all the possibilities that knit has to offer, and by reacting to curated imagery of the world around me and how man-made objects interact with the natural environment I hope to create contrasting and inconspicuous joins and grafts between them that allow the wearer to be excited by knit.





tube /

By blurring the lines between hand knit and machine knit processes - the old and the new - I hope to enhance and speculate the differences between the traditional and the modern… the hand and the machine… to create knitwear that puts the paradoxical themes of knitting beside each other in unique ways.