Jean Oberlander is a knitted textiles and knitwear designer from Edinburgh, who graduated from Gray’s School of Art, Aberdeen in 2017 and is currently at the Royal College of Art studying MA Textiles (Knit). Her work centres around themes of memory and tactility in the context of nostalgia, and aims to utilise both the hand and the machine through traditional and modern uses of the knit stitch. 

She is interested in the inherent juxtapositions within knit and how it is simultaneously old and new, traditional and innovative. By amalgamating the old and the new, it showcases the versatility of the knit stitch and plays with the interactions knit has with space and the body. Mark making and collage turn into knit and vice versa, both feeding into each other to create knitted pieces and knitwear that both inhibit and detract from the stigmas that surround the loop.

Her MA Research blog, unravelling, collects stories of knitted jumpers and the love contained with them.

You can find press/media clippings here.


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