Jean Oberlander is a freelance knitted textile designer, researcher, writer and full time educator from Edinburgh who graduated from Gray’s School of Art, Aberdeen then went on to complete an MA in Textiles from the Royal College of Art in 2019. She currently teaches art in North London.

Her personal work focuses on how knitting can be a tool for memory, and combines the written word, drawing, research and making in a cyclical process that both uses and hacks traditional knitting techniques and patterns as well as developing her own tools for making that weave together hand and machine.

She was invited to show her MA dissertation at In the Loop 10 Knitting Conference in 2018 and continues to write in and around the joy and love of knitting. 

Jean has worked in her local communities as a volunteer Guide Leader since 2011, committing time to help girls flourish and find their passions in life by passing on her knowledge in participatory arts and crafts and youth engagement.

She also co-runs a podcast called Soft Thoughts with Ruby Smith.

Her MA Research blog, unravelling, collected stories
of knitted jumpers and the love contained with them.

You can find press/media clippings here.


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