the machine

gives back

“To choose techniques that are not fully controllable, to find the weakness of the machine to use repeats that are bigger than the field of vision or just to cheat the unsuspecting eye are some ways of breaking this tedium.

The biggest luxury, and the easiest way to avoid repetitiveness is to make things entirely by hand.”

(Lehl, Jürgen 1997)

the hand

Finding joy and appreciation for languages in stitches and marks, in 2 dimensions and 3 dimensions. Utilising and building my own language of mark making that seamlessly intertwines with the knitting, through a past and present steeped in memory and tradition of knit itself.

The language of memory, developing an alphabet of marks and lines that derive from hazy moments, lost things and perceived still lives that are seen and passed by in our daily lives - captured colours from journeys and the misremembering of commuting becomes a language in and of itself
The drawn marks become knit stitches, the machine gives back the hand.